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May 6, 2022

Abortion Kills Humans: Is That Okay?

Abortion Kills Humans: Is That Okay?

The two critical questions in the abortion debate are: 1. When does human life begin? and 2. When is it permissible for the state to sanction the taking of that human life? My answer to question 1. At the time of conception. Regarding question 2. The state, government, sanctions, even encourages, the taking of life in wars, law enforcement and self defense. Some states allow for capital punishment. Is it okay for the state to sanction the taking of a human life to protect the life of the mother, when the conception results from rape, when the child is likely to grow up disadvantaged, or merely for convenience?

I believe that many, and perhaps most, of those who support abortion know that all, or at least some, of those aborted are indeed human and duck the human issue question because they do not want to admit, out loud or to themselves, that at least is some cases they support abortion for convenience.

Understanding issues like this is part of our overall Revolution 2.0™ goal of creating better lives for ourselves, our communities and for America.

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