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July 15, 2022

Ending Gun Violence: Punish The Criminals

Ending Gun Violence: Punish The Criminals

With the current emphasis being on it is all about the guns, this episode will add a strong pitch for tough gun crime penalties. That is the subject of today’s short-form episode.

It is always dangerous and wrong to ascribe responsibility 100% to any person or group; there is always shared responsibility. It is as true in ending gun violence as it is anywhere else. “It is all about the guns,” is just as wrong as, “It is all about the criminals. With the current emphasis being on it is all about the guns, this episode will add a strong pitch for tough gun crime penalties.

The announced purpose of various levels of proposed additional gun control laws is to reduce gun crime. The ten of thousands of gun laws on the books are obviously not doing much to reduce gun crime, which is why we need more. And the proposed and recently enacted laws will also accomplish little. Here is a different approach: enact and enforce tough gun use laws. The point here is to attack the criminals doing the crimes: To take a whack out of gun violence, take a whack out of the criminals.

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