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Nov. 23, 2019

First interview! Causepods.org: Real Life Brother’s Keeper Example (EP.183)

First interview! Causepods.org: Real Life Brother’s Keeper Example (EP.183)


Welcome to the first Revolution 2.0™ interview; the first of many. Today we are interviewing Mathew Passy in his serving others role with Causepods.org.

The two driving principles at Revolution 2.0™ are 1. Being Personally Responsible and 2. Being Your Brother’s Keeper. Mathew Passy, husband and father of young twins, meets part of his personal responsibilities as a top tier podcaster and a successful professional resource for other podcasters. When you listen to Revolution2.0 episodes, you benefit from his editing, other professional skills and constant training of yours truly.

Mr. Passy meets and exceeds the Brother’s Keeper principle with his non-profit Causepods.org. Causepods is a passion project of Mathew’s. (His for profit enterprise is The Podcast Consultant.) Causepods’ aim is to interview folks who are using podcasts to raise awareness for a good cause. Whether that’s a non-profit, charity, medical cause, social justice movement, or anyone looking to create a positive impact in the world, from the local level to the global population. Mathew shies away from the term Brother’s Keeper, but I see him as an exemplar of the very best of that term.

That is the subject of today’s episode.


One unique feature to Causepods is that they are going to use this platform to raise money for a 501(c)3 non-profit of your choosing with online donations.  All proceeds go straight to the charity.

If you think you’re a podcaster making a difference in the world, please take a few moments to fill out the Causepods Form; they can’t wait to have you on Causepods.

Causepods Mission

Raise awareness for the people who are using podcasts to better their community, society, or the world. Help others tap into the power of podcasting.

Be a Causepods Guest

If you think you’re a podcaster making a difference in the world, please follow this link to schedule your recording and describe the cause-based podcasting you are committed to.

Sign up to be on Causepods

Join the Group

Need help producing a caused-based podcast?  Join Causepod’s Facebook group where we’ll share resources and support each other to meet our goals and stay under budget. 

Join the Facebook Group

Do you know of a cause that Causepods might support? Then go to causepods.org and fill out the simple form and good things will happen.


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