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Dec. 7, 2019

Riding To Cure Arthritis: 525-mile Bicycle Ride With Shannon Marange Cox

Riding To Cure Arthritis: 525-mile Bicycle Ride With Shannon Marange Cox
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Welcome to the second Revolution 2.0™ interview; part of a continuing series. The first interview was on a giveback subject, with Mathew Passy andcausepods. Today is another giveback subject, the annual525-mile, 8-day bicycle rideraising money for the Arthritis Foundation: Riding for a cure. Sit back as Shannon Marang Cox, the Development Director for the ride, and “Champion of Yes” tells us why this is so needed, why it is such a deep commitment, and so much fun for the 250 riders and staff. Including yours truly–me.

That is the subject of today’s episode.


Did you know that 300,000 kids in the US have debilitating arthritis? Along with 54 million adults, making Arthritis the leading cause of disability in the US. Shannon Marang Cox, the Development Director for the California Coast Classic, the annual, 525-mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to LA, knows. Let’s hear her talk about why it is important, how it helps, and why the 250 riders, of all sorts and ages, of all abilities, and on all sorts of contraptions, including regular bikes, recumbent trikes, and e-bikes do this fundraising ride. And they often do it again and again.  

And you will hear from me about why I have done it several times, and why I have committed to doing it again in 2020. All 525 miles.

Click one of these links tolearn more, support me as ariderand/orregisteras a rider.

For those listening, the main site is arthritis.org/californiacoastclassic


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Will Luden, coming to you from 7,200’ in Colorado Springs.