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July 28, 2021

“The Emperor’s New Truth (Clothes)” (EP. 351)

“The Emperor’s New Truth (Clothes)” (EP. 351)
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“The Emperor’s New Clothes” is an instructive and prophetic folktale written by Danish authorHans Christian Andersen, about a vain emperor who is easily swindled and then exposed before his subjects.

Today’s version of the swindlers who deceived the vain emperor are the leaders, media and others who, for personal and political gain, substitute race for Karl Marx’s dangerous and failed views of class, i.e., wealth-based discrimination and oppression. 

That is the subject of today’s 10 minute episode.


At first blush, doesn’t this sound like a little child’s fantasy? I mean, here is an emperor walking round stark naked in front of crowds of his people, believing that he is wearing the most magnificent of regal robes. Instead of seeing himself as the vain fool that he is, even after a child cried out,But he hasn’t got anything on,” and the people saw that the child was right, he carried on. The Emperor did shiver, for he suspected they were right. But he thought, “This procession has got to go on.” So he walked more proudly than ever, as his noblemen held high the train that wasn’t there at all. That is exactly what is going on right now, right here in our country. The false, dangerous and self-serving replacement of race for class inMarx’s(Marx Had It Almost Right. EP. 175) always-failed communist philosophy of who is oppressing whom is the entirely missing set of regal robes. The very imaginary robes that our administration says it is wearing. All while being intellectually naked. Believe me, this supposed fairy tale is all too real. And unlike Andersen’s story, this one is not at all funny; it is downright dangerous. 

Today’s Key Point. Critical Race Theory and related angry and damaging philosophies substitute race for class in their push to create a new view of who is oppressed and who is the oppressor because the vast majority of those claiming oppression are very well off, thank you, and have no rational claim to be oppressed on the basis of class. So they jump to race. They can’t incite a class struggle as a way of coming out on top, so they are working overtime to incite a race struggle, with the same objective. They want to come out on top personally and politically, and don’t care how they get there. More specifically, the wealthy minorities, everyone from the Obamas to LeBron James, can now claim to be oppressed by an out-of-work coal miner. 

Let’s expand on Andersen’s prophetic story line. Two swindlers arrive at the capital city of an emperor who spends lavishly on clothing at the expense of state matters. Posing as weavers, they offer to supply him with magnificent clothes that are invisible to those who are stupid or incompetent. The emperor hires them, and they set up looms and go to work. A succession of officials, and then the emperor himself, visit them to check their progress. Each sees that the looms are empty but pretends otherwise to avoid being thought a fool. Finally, the weavers report that the emperor’s suit is finished. They mime dressing him and he sets off in a procession before the whole city. The townsfolk uncomfortably go along with the pretense, not wanting to appear inept or stupid, until a child blurts out that the emperor is wearing nothing at all. The people then realize that everyone has been fooled. Although startled, the emperor continues the procession, walking more proudly than ever.

The Playbill:

Emperor: Joe Biden and other political leaders willingly taken in by this re-creation and reversal of historical racism. 

The completely missing, but allegedly magnificent royal regalia. The terribly dangerous scam that race defines who are the oppressed and who are the oppressors. And the supporting claim that life should be easy, and if not, that you are oppressed.

The swindler weavers: Biden’s administration, Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic National Committee. Aided and abetted by race baiters, fromAl SharptontoNikole Hannah-JonestoTa-Nehisi Coatesand well beyond. Add in the mainstream media, including The New York Times, CNN and the Washington Post.

The townspeople: The people who knew better, but were silent for fear of looking foolish–or being cancelled. Way too many of us.

The child: Who, yes who is going to sound the alarm?

Revolution 2-0™ is; will you join me?

Karl Marx’s work touting the rightness and effectiveness of communism laid everything at the feet of class distinctions. According to Marx, there are two different types of social classes: the bourgeoisies and the proletarians. The bourgeoisie are capitalists who own the means of production and the proletarians are the working classes who are employed by the bourgeoisies. He continues with,“Workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!” Speaking of chains, let’s hear from President Bidenwho in 2012 in a campaign speech said that Mitt Romney, then the Republican Presidential candidate, wanted to, “…put you all (blacks) back in chains.” 

The people and groups touting the rightness and effectiveness of Critical Race Theory and the hierarchy of victimhood and oppression are laying everything at the feet of race and ethnicity, defining two different classes of race: whites and everyone else. The whites are the ones doing the oppressing, and everyone else is being oppressed. Large groups of protesters carry signs saying everything from, “End White Nationalism,” and, “White Silence is Violence,” to, simply, “Shame!” 

Both groups, the ones that embrace Marx’s view of class and those taking his work intact with the simple substitution of race for class pit groups against each other, benefiting personally and politically from the created and increasing animosity and economic and cultural damage. Communism has killed far more people than fascism; it is not even close.Six million Jews were killed by Hitler and his followers during their time in power. Stalin killed about 25 million of his countrymen in his quest to gain and keep power in Russia; Mao killed 60+ million Chinese in the same quest. The Nazi-driven Holocaust is over; communist-driven slaughter continues, and not only with the Communist China reign of terror with their Uighur countrymen. 

Pitting us against each other over race has already been deeply damaging, and will increase in animosity and destruction if we do not stop it. And we must put this fire out all while others are putting gas on the flames, and fanning them. 

We’ll close this part with a quote I have used once before, and is well worth repeating. “Most of the great evils that man has inflicted upon man have come through people feeling quite certain about something which, in fact, was false.” -Bertrand Russell, British writer, social activist, and philosopher. Bertrand Russell and Hans Christen Andersen would have enjoyed each other. 

It is our responsibility to yell out, “Race wars are entirely imaginary, and will destroy us if we do not stop them.” We must have the simple and clear insight the child in Andersen’s story had. And then shout out the truth. And if the race baiters continue on as did the emperor in the story, we will need to do more. A lot is at stake here, my friends. Remember the part in the story’s summary that stated, “Two swindlers arrive at the capital city of an emperor who spends lavishly on clothing at the expense of state matters.” It is not just the direct damage done by inciting race wars, but the equally important indirect damage caused by not using this time, energy and money to build us up as individuals and groups, along with our nation–and the world.

Speaking of personal responsibility, it does not stand alone; the two main and interdependent principles at Revolution 2.0 are:

  1. Personal Responsibility; take it, teach it and,
  2. Be YourBrother’s Keeper. The answer to the biblical question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” is a ringing, unequivocal “Yes.” There is no other answer.

Where do you stand? What are you going to do? Remember, it does not matter where you stand if you don’t do anything. You can start by subscribing to these episodes, and encouraging others to subscribe with you.

As always, whatever you do, do it in love. Without love, anything we do is empty. 1 Corinthians 16:14


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Will Luden, coming to you from 7,200’ in Colorado Springs.